Kevin Bewersdorf: Performance Review
Edited by Kevin Moore

Kate Steciw: Queering the Technical Image
Edited by Brian Scholis

Kate Steciw & Theodore Darst: Annihilation Holiday
Edited by Kevin Moore

Nobuo Uematsu: Inϱi ɿυmimυƨnoɔ Ɉɘ ɘɈɔon ƨυmi mυɿiϱ nI

Site-symbiotic Configuration & Larissa Lockshin's BAD DREAM HOUSE

Mika Horibuchi: Téléphone Sans Fil

Devin Kenny: Museum Operations

Landon Metz: Algorithmic Support: Michael Jackson Penthouse

Theodore Darst: Last Days in a Lovely Place

Ricardo Morales-Hernández: Landscapes
Edited by Stephanie Cristello

Mariana Murcia: Gerberas
Edited by Stephanie Cristello

BYOB, The Worldwide Domination of an Exhibition Format
Edited by Karen Archey
Korean translation by Dain Oh

Fungibility of the Pixel and the Practice of STATION ROSE
Edited by Elisa Rose and Gary Danner

James Lee Byars: The World is so Beautiful. Why Make it Up?
Edited by Birte Kleenmann

Rafaël Rozendaal's Liquid Websites
Edited by Michael Connor